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Lucy Elkivity 

Born in Uruguay, since 1973 Lives in Israel

Works in Tel-Aviv, KG45 and member at Artspace TLV



1977-1981 Art Teacher's Seminary

1998 Illustration – "Avni Institute"

2005 Calligraphy course – "Basis" School of Sculpture

2006 Artistic Medal  – "Basis" School of Sculpture

Solo exhibitions

2022 Jacaranda, duo installation with Alejandra Okret, Artspace, Tel-Aviv

2021 The Generator, Artspace, Tel-Aviv

2021-Behind Time Artist House , Tel Aviv

2019 "Wandering Between Light and Time", Duo with Alejandra Okret, Gordon London House, Rishon Letzion

2019 "Sensu Amplo, , Artspace, Tel Aviv

2015 "Nearly Present", Artist House Chagall  

"Hanging", Artist House , Tel-Aviv 2014          

"Marks", Gallery 121, Tel-Aviv 2013

"The Third". "Basis"-School for Sculptors2012

2011 "Untitled", Daviv Yalin College, Jerusalem

2008 "Sometimes in the Dark"- Tova Osman Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2007 "Figurative Calligraphy"- Hanita Contemporary Art Museum, Kibutz Hanita

2006 "Mute Voices" - Gallery Twenty Four, Tel Aviv


Selected Group exhibitions

2022 Duet-Team, Kibbutzim College for Education, Tel-Aviv

2022 About Writing, Artspace, Tel Aviv

2022 Homage, Artspace, Tel Aviv

2020 Artist Statement #5 Cica Museum, South Korea

2020 The Tel-Aviv Biennale of Design, Muza- Eretz Israel Museum

2019 "Public's right to touch", ND Gallery, Ramat- Gan

2018 A black gorilla, mean as oblivion, Artspace, Tel Aviv

2018 Pnina for the Artists Prize, Ralli Museum, Caesarea

2018 "Connections ", Sara Erman Gallery, Tel Aviv

2017 "9x Artists walls" Artspace, Tel Aviv

2017 "Like a Whisper", Agripas Gallery, Jerusalem

2017 "The Mimosa Hour", Artist House Modiin

2016 "9x Artists walls" Artspace, Tel Aviv

2016 "Spots" Artist House,  Modiin

2015 "Changes", Sara Erman Gallery, Tel Aviv

2014 "Made in Tel-Aviv", Beit Igal Alon, Ginosar

2014 "Trapped?", Kibutz Galuyot 45, Tel-Aviv

2013 "Site Specific 3", Tel-Aviv

2012  "Hagada"-Basis School of Sculpture and Painting

2012  GZ-GaleriaZero Fair-Basel, Switzerland

2012  "All black?", Tova Osman Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2012 "Breathing Concrete", Kibutz Galuyot 45, Tel-Aviv

2011 "Black and White"- Gebo Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2011  "Deep Focus"- Brick Lane Gallery, London.

2011  "One Language and Other Matters"- Basis School of Sculpture

2009  "Horses and Oxes", Corinne Mamane Museum, Ashdod
2009  30 Celebration for Tova Osman Art Gallery, Artist's House, Tel-Aviv

2008  "Folden Art", Borey Gallery ,Sant Petersburg.

2007  "Transparent children",Hanita Contemporary Art Museum,Kibbutz Hanita

2007  "Cow Design Festival" (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
2007  "As the Potter in the Hands of Clay","Basiss'" School  ,Petach Tikva
2007  "Longing for Peace", outdoor installation at the Galil ,Israel


2018 Pnina for the Artists Prize, Ralli Museum, Caesarea

2011 Artist Residency, Valparaiso Foundation, Almeria, Spain
2009 Illustration, Cow Design Festival, Ukraine

2007 Poster Design,Cow Design Festival, Ukraine, 2007


Other projects

2019- "On the road" Amir Or (poems) Lucy Elkivity (ink drawings)

2018- "Fields Near Home", HAIKUINHEBREW.COM books

2015- Helicon, Vol 111, published Haiku-Haiga, pages4, 13, 19, 27, 29, 35, 39, 47, 52, 58, 63 and cover

artist portrait
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