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Lucy Elkivity Contemporary Artist. Born in Uruguay living in Israel.Works in Tel-Aviv, KG45 and Artspace TLV. Works mainly on canvas, paper and cardboard.

Artist Statement:


The root of the work lies in inner voices. They search formation, birth, a way of being through the canvas and paper. There is something automatic, something unconscious about the inception of new work. An image floats in an undefined world, is hunted and captured. After that comes the disengagement. There is a need to rest, to leave the work be, and then see if it seeks anything further. I start feeling for its needs, trying to have a non verbal dialogue, as I paint its encompassing world.

As for subject, the inspiration might be the biomorphic world. I look for a system of tools that can examine any living being. What does a living being need to exist? And as for the source, the answer is Nature, and everything that derives from it. 

 I am a studio artist first and foremost. I do not need wide open spaces for the work. The eye is pointed inwards. To paraphrase Aviva Uri, it is a kind of emotional landscape. Even if I refer to Nature, in the studio I internalise it and it speaks in my voice.

The materealized creatures are very physical, but I wish for them to own certain emotional traits, and eventually become emotionally open ended, capable of endless change.

I wish to paint: What comes out of our mouth, what the skin transmits, the gap between the two, what is swallowed, what is gone.


The need to express motion has drawn me toward marionettes hanging on a string, which in effect constitute material in motion. The happiness of motion is expressed by the marionettes. Their organs are not complete and the symmetry of their bodies is minimal but nevertheless the images remain true to the rules of biology/construction: a central body with numerous organs like every living creature anchored in rich attributes and childhood memories.

The idea of creating fans also came from this need to explore movement. Robert Bresson, in his "Notes on the cinematographer", claims that the sight of movement creates happiness. So I wanted to create wings. To me, Wings are fans. Fans are wings.

לוסי אלקויטי בוגרת המדרשה לאמנות. הצגתי בשש תערוכות יחיד ותערוכות קבוצתיות רבות בארץ ובחו"ל

עובדת בסטודיו, בקיבוץ גלויות 45 בתל-אביב

מקור עבודתי בקולות פנימיים רוחשים חיים, המחפשים  דרך להתהוות, להיוולד

האמצעי הוא בעיקר דיו שחור. אני חוקרת את האפורים בהם מוצאת עולם ומלואו

הנושאים שלי נובעים מהעולם הביומורפי. אני מחפשת מערכת כללים שתעמוד במבחן כל יצור חי

הדימויים הם כאלה שהתהוותם לא שלמה ויכולים לעבור עד אין סוף שינויים ותהפוכות

"מראה התנועה גורם אושר" כתב רובר ברסון ב"הערות לסינמטוגראף"

מתוך החיפוש הזה של אושר, מהרצון לברא חי, נוצרים הדימויים שלי שהם ביטויים פלסטיים אחרים

במריונטות ובמניפות שאני בונה, אני ממשיכה את החיפוש אחר ביטוי התנועה

Curious child and her turtle toy
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